Chocolates & Candies

At Concannon's, we enjoy exploring all the amazing things we can make.  That's why our lineup features some items you would expect, all made exceptionally, and others you might not expect but will want to experience soon!


We make our own fine chocolates and other varieties of candy and treats from our expanded pastry facility in downtown Muncie, Indiana.  From wrapped chocolates to cookie bars, you are sure to enjoy our variety and our taste.  And don't forget about chocolate coatings that take Oreos and pretzels to a whole new level!

We invite you to visit either Concannon's location today to do some exploring of your own!

Chocolates & Candies


Concannon's Fine Chocolates & Candies


4801 W. Baker Lane

Muncie, IN  47304

(765) 288-9820

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