Best. Popcorn. Ever!

Our gourmet popcorns are puffed up large and textured deeply to hold all the flavor.  And speaking of flavors, we have nine varieties plus other mixes that include pretzels and nuts to help you create your own customized snack of choice!

Sold in resealable tubs at both Concannon's locations, our gourmet popcorns will stay fresh so you can enjoy them day after day -- if they last that long!


Our popcorns are also available to schools and organizations as a fundraising product complete with sales materials to help you.  Click here to check it out.


Gourmet Popcorns & Mixes

Concannon's Gourmet Popcorn in Nine Flavors and Other Combinations


4801 W. Baker Lane

Muncie, IN  47304

(765) 288-9820

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Toffee flavor coats fluffy popcorn to create a fabulous tasty treat